Night Write – Heather Hemmes


*Mature audience only

Bringing you monster and body horror one short story at a time.

A Bit of Background

I work full-time as a Histotechnician (a type of medical lab technician), but I miss the writing, editing, and proofreading I did from my previous career as an assistant to a medical office manager. Now, I write horror short stories in the evenings. My horror stories mainly center around monsters and various forms of body horror. Please be advised, this is for a mature audience only.

From Bones, To Bones – Part III/III

The ringing in Ted’s ears finally subsided. The high-pitched scream, presumably coming from Angie, had helped to pierce Ted’s mind back into reality. Something was happening up above. He heard the attacks, but didn’t see anything. He didn’t dare draw attention to himself, figuring any living member would return to check on him.  He tried […]

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