Top Ten Lesser-Known Creature Features

Monsters, creatures, the strange and unusual, and anything out of Guillermo Del Toro’s mind have the right to make this list, but we’ll exclude some more well-known ones, and hopefully introduce you to new adventures. 


Some of the best movies I have seen were B-rated, and most of the creature features I enjoy are not always with the best acting, but there are a lot of fun pieces here I would re-watch, and of course, recommend.

10. Troll Hunter (2010)

First of all, don’t you judge me. Secondly, don’t laugh, give it a try because I swear on all that is holy, you will enjoy at least some form of this, and I can’t explain why. It was just one of those funny, yet serious and “believable” situations these kids get thrown into (on their own accord). They stalk this dude they think is illegally hunting bear, when in fact he is the main Troll Hunter of Norway. The whole thing is shot Blair-Witch-style, which actually works really well for this scenario; it’s unique and fresh, so it’s a decent “found footage”… “horror” monster movie. Just… give it 21 minutes. I feel like it was at that point or close to it that I had to see it through to the end.

9.  Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

I told myself I wouldn’t put a Del Toro film on this list but I’m sorry, it had to be done. I put it towards the bottom if that makes you feel any better… Anyway, if you haven’t seen this one yet, just watch the first 5min. I was sold, and I have since re-watched that movie half a dozen times. It’s another unique concept delivered beautifully by a master of monsters. 

It’s about a young family moving into this huge mansion they are renovating and then flipping. Within the heart of the house lies a secret horde of…things. I can’t spoil it for you, I just can’t, but you get a taste of it with the very first scene of the movie. It’s a good one, guys and gals. 

8. Apostle

I hesitated to put this one on the list mainly because it was pretty popular on Netflix for a while, but it’s a great plot with well-developed characters that you actually care about what happens to them. It’s a slow burn, sort of reminds me of a Stephen King-style story, but the build-up is worth it, and you get some really cool varieties of monsters, from gruesome gory ones to the ones in human form. 

Set in the late 1800’s/ealry 1900’s, a junkie has to go save his sister from a cult that kidnapped her and brought her to their island as ransom, desperate for money. He goes there undercover to find her, and finds that the cult’s belief in a goddess actually has some truth behind the belief… 

7. Cold Skin

This one is really unique, just because I still don’t know how I feel about it. It’s about a dude that shows up to do lighthouse duty on an island, and the old lighthouse keeper is batsh*t crazy but stays with him on the island. On his first night there, he discovers that strange creatures come up from the depths of the ocean to attack the lighthouse. Will he survive one more night? What do they want?

6. Primal Rage

Ok, so this one comes with a warning; it is disturbingly gory. It takes bigfoot in the absolute worst light, making him a literal, absolute monster. Think bigfoot had a baby with predator, and add the gore of “Feast”. Wait, have you seen Feast? Please see Feast if you haven’t; Jason Mewes is in it, so enough said.

Anyway, so this one gets creepy-backwoodsmen weird for a little bit, so it seems like this creature that starts picking off these men is a hero. But no. No, it most certainly is not. And I just need to say, please be advised on the horror effects: they are amazing and I love them, but they are not for the weak.

5. Feast 

This movie is so awesome, but another gory, weird one. I love the creature customs, they are really unique! It’s the story and the characters that really connect with me on this one, which is hard for me to say. I often find it difficult to find believable characters or at least ones I care about what happens to. 

“Feast” is about a group of people stuck in a bar, defending it from the inside from outside forces that they have never seen before, and it’s really funny. Additionally, there are plenty of monster cocks present, and the characters actually do things that make sense, so it’s not an insulting horror movie by any means. But yeah, super sex-heavy, just so you know. Oh also, if you find that you loved this movie as much as I did, the other two movies in the trilogy are definitely worth at least one, hilarious watch. 

4. The Void 

I don’t know how to describe this movie in a way that sounds cohesive and interesting… Here, this is all I have thus far: people get forced into a remote hospital by a group of sketchy people that look like they’re in K.K.K. wear, but it’s not them, it’s whatever cult this movie has in it. So then they are in the hospital, right, and people start changing into monsters, and then some really weird sh*t happens… Yeah, I can’t explain just how weird this movie is; all I can say is that it’s totally worth the watch, and I own it now. 

3. Death Valley

My boyfriend makes fun of me for loving this movie but I don’t care; somewhere there are monster nerds that will appreciate this movie as much as I do. So the first 45min is really boring for most chicks, because it’s a dude fighting scene, like straight out of a video game. There isn’t much of a story or character development, it’s just some action and honestly, you could skip most of it and still understand everything that’s going on throughout the film. 

So these dudes are going to an underground bunker to rescue a scientist and her research information which is stuck deep inside but they come across the reason for the lockdown very early on and it. is. awesome.  

2. The Superdeep 

This movie really delivers late in the film. I was happy with the “surprise” ending; I guess I just really didn’t see it coming, and I pride myself in picking up cliches for editing purposes. The effects are really cool, the characters are believable, and you care what happens to most of them. It’s engaging right from the beginning, and it just keeps getting better the more information that gets “leaked” to you… you’ll get that pun later. 

All in all, I was happily surprised with this choice of a monster movie, although it really took some time to appreciate the true monsters. Beautiful ending, powerful dialog, and convincing scenarios. 

1. Underwater

I think at this point I am biased as to how much I love this movie. The ending to this movie slapped me in the face, and I freaking loved it. Please don’t go looking up too many trailers or any images; I’m telling you, the best experience for this movie is to go watch it right now and trust me. It starts right in on the action, with a deep-sea station having a hull breach and massive power failure. There are…things outside that caused this breach, and that’s all I’m going to say. If you love monster movies, you CAN’T miss this movie. If I can figure out a unique tattoo idea for this movie, I’m doing it, swear to god.


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