The Spider Salesman – Part IV/VI

Finn rarely dreamt of his father anymore. All he could see in his mind’s eye was a dark figure walking away. That figure soon turned around to face him, but there was no face there. His father’s image was a man in a trenchcoat with a hat that hid his face. He couldn’t remember anymore if that’s what he looked like when he last saw his father, but it was what his mind created to hold his place. 

The faceless father figure was soon retching on the ground, dry-heaving nothing in particular. From the wing muscles came legs, spider legs, right out of his father’s back. There were eight, thick spider appendages sprouting out his back; heavy, they kept him on all fours. From where a mouth should have been, lay a set of fangs. From that gaping hole came a screeching that pierced through Finn’s mind, running a pounding headache throughout it. 

“Stop!” Finn screamed through the screeching, which did not stop. 

The man-spider did not stop screaming for what felt like an eternity. When the screaming ceased, the puking began. Instead of vomit, up came a sea of small spiders, alive and wriggling over one another. The spider-thing that was once his father’s image began to shriek again, this time with tears streaming down its one dozen eyes and growing, popping up from under its skin like pimples popping a hard white stud out from its hole. 

The growing sea of spiders started making their way towards Finn, his father reaching out with one spider appendage as a cry for help. There was nothing to be done to stop the flow of spiders coming from his spider-father’s mouth; he wished he could end his father’s misery, but knowing there was nothing to do, Finn turned to run. 

His unconscious made him run in circles from old rooms in his childhood home to areas at his workplace, but he couldn’t escape his screaming dad spider and the waves of mini spiders that followed. 

Finn kept running but looked back to see the spider-thing screeching in weird notes, clearly in pain. The flow of the spiders from its mouth became fierce and soon its stomach extended from within. From its eyes, large spiders burst through, gnawing on the edges of the eye sockets. Its stomach stretched until the thin strands of muscle holding the skin together began to tear. Mounds of tiny spiders ranging in size and color came spewing forth from within the spider-thing, while the rest of it began to melt away. The shelf of the spider-thing dissolved into nothing quickly once it started, leaving only its sea of spiders behind. 

Finn turned to run but felt weird walking. Looking down at his legs, he was horrified to see one set of spider legs where his pair of human legs should be, and the hairs on his arms thickened before slowly turning into the rough skin of spider appendages. He tried to scream but nothing came out; somehow the feeling of screaming without being accompanied by a scream was the more terrifying aspect of his situation. The muscles around his vocal cords hurt, but still, not a sound. 

Flashes of someone’s memories came flooding into his mind’s eyes, even behind closed eyes. Soon everything went black and Finn was left to sleep it off.

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