About Me

Medical Lab Technician Turned Evening Writer

I work full time as a histotechnician. While I love science, I also love horror, especially monster and Cronenbergian horror. To satisfy this side of me, I write in my spare time. I’m currently writing short horror stories, which I try to update here weekly. I think of this blog as a setting where I can post my drafts, with the hope of one day having a collection enough for a book.

Please keep in mind that, once again, these are rough drafts. I’m looking for constructive criticism and feedback but I will not update the work on the blog; a final draft will include updated stories in addition to stories not posted on the site. It is my goal to have a complete collection of short stories by December 2022.

I appreciate you, the reader, regardless if I get feedback from you or not. Thank you for taking the time to read my work, and I hope you enjoyed these little stories of big monsters.

– Heather Hemmes

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